Cny day 10: Astro Get together

Cny day 10 was also the 2nd day back to work after the holidays.

This day, Astro held a get together carnival like lunch session that celebrates the Chinese New Year by inviting Malaysia’s no.1 lion dance team to perform. They also invited local artistes to perform.

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Muahahha this will be the last lion dance post already.. so treasure it, u people!! 😛

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This was wat happaned after the lion dance show. We had buffet and while enjoying our food, we were entertained by some artistes. In the pic, u can see 3 hosts, one from Myfm, one from Xfresh FM and one more .. im not sure from which station. Their job was to talk a bit n annouce the winners for the lucky draw session… grand prize was a 42″ Plasma tv… but i didnt get it.. sigh

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We starting our lunch by having the yee sang.

Woot.. so fun lah that day.. u see.. being an Astro/Amp staff so nice hor. ^^


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