Cny Day 4

Every year.. there will be a day when my high school mates and I will go visit one another’s houses to get angpau.. this has been hapenning for nearly 8 yeras already(including this year).

We would meet somewhere early in the morning and have breakfast. and then we start visiting from the furthest house and continue from there.. (usually ends at about 1am..)

year after year.. we have to visit the same houses(about 15 to 20 of them).. so we normally wont waste too much time at one house.. lol.. okok here are the pics.

Started off with Chung’s house, then Alex’s house, then munwei’s house, then Jedchuan’s house, then Chinooi’s house, then Hubert’s house, then Munyee’s house.

My house was the 8th.. there were supposed to be 3 more houses to visit but since i was at my house already.. i stayed and didnt join them to visit munkien’s house(about 11pm), Waiyin’s house(about 1145pm) and Meiyum’s house(about 1215midnight)


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