Cny Day 6: Genting

Yes its Cny Day 6.. but no more CNY captions in my pics cos i got bored of it. So now its back to normal.. and on the 6th day of chinese new year.. i went to Genting with my family.

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Too many pics.. but I have to pick those that i like most.. and the first one.. is my favourite.
And it was my first time making cotton candy the ‘original’ style.. lol.. they didnt allow me to do it at first but i asked the guy til he got fed up..

and at the theme park..
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I jumped!! again.. in front of everyone.. outisde the Ghost House.. or something like that.. i forgot..

and i went boating paddling with my mum.

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A picture of me ‘shocked’ next to the shocked bunny.. and I met the so called ‘prosperity god’ ! lol


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