CNY With SABians + A.R.DRONE Winner!

The guys at have picked the winner. The lucky one to get the iPhone controlled quadracopter is……..

Congrats Jacquelyn! Please meet me up to collect your A.R. Drone ya!


Few months back, during Chinese New Year, my SAB buddies and I gathered and visited one another. Here are some photos.

Took this group shot in one of the houses we visited.

We then went for lunch.

Alex and Kimberly were wearing traditional Chinese costumes! Wow.

Jason Bieber and Kee Luen.

So basically the whole day was just games and games of Monopoly Deal. lol



  1. cf

    noooo… i want my A.R Drone…..

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  2. yinxie

    i see ba gua! i feel like eating nao!

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    wait for CNY!

  3. Jacquelyn Ho

    Yays! Thanks Jason and 🙂

    Will pm u asap. Hehe

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