‘Coffee Amo’ Is A Quiet Cafe In The Busiest Part Of Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking for a quiet cafe to just chill, catch up with friends or just enjoy coffee and cakes, then this is it lah.. no where else. This is Coffee Amo at Jalan Sultan (Petaling Street).

Got to know about this place from a friend who frequents this cafe and we decided to go on a weekend. This was how it looked like when I was there. Hope there’s nothing much changed now. Heh.

One of the recommended cakes there is the Nutella Choc cake. About RM10 but I think cake prices are around RM10-12 nowadays so yea.. cant complaint anymore.

Ordered a latte and they did a peacock art for me. Yay!

Here’s the interior. Very simple with a little bit of chinese opera elements as deco. Oh btw, this cafe is located on 1st floor, inside a chinese opera hall. Hipster much?

Plants, logos, those kinda things.

I have never returned to this cafe since my first visit. Not to say it’s bad but I don’t prefer quiet cafes. You know quiet like no music, customers whispering kinda quiet. Also, my latte was too hot, like 100’degrees hot, which is a no-no.

If you would like to try, check them out at Jalan Sultan. They now have another outlet at TTDI too.



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