Coffee at VCR on a rainy day

When I first heard about VCR back in January, I was as curious as a goat. As I kept seeing people posting Instagrams of this cafe called VCR.

‘Isn’t VCR the old school video cassette recorder?’ Apparently, it’s a cafe in Jalan Galloway (opposite Pudu Jail) and it’s quite awesome.

This happened backed in January, during my first visit to the 2-storey cafe. I ‘jio’ Lynnd to join me as she’s into checking our new stuff as well.

It was raining that day… and it established a very chilling mood for coffee drinking.

The flatwhite was OK, not too strong.. probably it was a single shot… but the cake was good. We ordered the Kings, which was a peanut butter-banana cake.

We sat on the 2nd floor. They managed to extend the top floor using this glass container-like thingymajig.

The stairs to the ground floor. My personal fav spot is actually the little table by the window on the right.

Bumped into David and his friends there. It was their first time in VCR too.

We kinda spent most of the time at the balcony on the top floor cos it was awesome lol

The super popular angle for Instagrammers… from the stairs.


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