Completing the collection

Another day in the office.. means another chance for us to take pics.. lol

Seriously.. we have taken pics at each and eevry spot inside n outside Astro.. couldnt think of anything else already

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We havent done this yet.. so yea.. we r doing it now.. lol.. thats me n Cherrie

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This is the first time i’ve jumped this high… lol..

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Been wanting to do this for sometime already.. omg the road was so damn hot i have to get up asap after taking this pic cos my arms were burning.. ><

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Saw some ads with this kinda pics.. we wana do our own version 😛

Pics taken with Cherrie’s camera.




    Hahah very nice work on these ads man! Damn you’re good… How do you create that ‘flashy’ look? Tell me ’bout it! You rock dude…

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