Creative SoundBlaster AXX200 Review In Malaysia [Video]

All my life, I’ve thought of speakers being speakers, only broadcast music and audio from our computers or mobile phones. Who knew in the year 2014, speakers can do so much more.. like this SoundBlaster AXX200. The features it has will blow everyone’s mind off.
I got it some weeks ago and has been using it for my music and Youtube playback and seriously.. the audio quality is really awesome.

Here are some of the things that the AXX200 can do: speaker, independent music player, megaphone, karaoke device, siren, power bank, conference call device and 1000 more. lol

The moment it starts playing music, I was shocked. I was shocked to hear deep bass and clear sounds at the same time coming out from this device. It’s seriously awesome. Based on the tech specs, the AXX200 is powered by SB-Axx1 chipset – a new generation multi-core audio processor which enhances all audio in real time, giving users a dramatically superior listening experience for music, movies and calls.

The AXX200 plays music via USB from your computer or you can just plug in a MicroSD card and you can control the playback from the built in controls on the back of the speaker. How thoughtful, Creative. 🙂

There’s a touch panel on the top. From here we can slide up or down to control the volume, mute speaker, turn on SBX Pro, pick up voice calls and more. The controls are very intuitive and only light touches required.

To connect your phones, you can either use NFC or Bluetooth. NFC of course, is for Android devices cos iPhone got no high tech stuff like that yo. Anyway, just simply tap the NFC phone on the logo and TADAH! CONNECTED! Nothing can be simpler than that.

Once connected, we can start to control the volume from the top panel. If calls come in, we can speak to the AXX200 itself and everyone can join in the conversation cos there are 4 microphones on this thing to ensure 360 degress coverage.

Some scenarios whereby you can use the AXX200: Skype calls, con-call in meeting rooms or family gathering.

There’s also a dock (not included) which you can bring around to charge the AXX200 anywhere you want cos it comes with a USB power adapter which you can just plug to almost anywhere.. if you know what I mean 🙂

The SoundBlaster AXX200 costs about $150 USD.. so that’s about RM480. It’s definitely worth getting as we cannot find a wireless speaker anywhere that does so many things and does them so well apart from this AXX200. For more info, check out


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