Curve Run

after siao a bit doing nothing, we went back to see the skaterz in action again.

i like this photo. if you like too… say “aye!”

random shot. ahhaa

this one is my 2nd fav shot. if you like this one… say “aiyoyo!”

met Jomi there…. ahaha he was holding his new Olympus SLR. 🙂

the chiqs was just waiiiiiting oni for me to snap them ahah

this one also nice. Say “aiyo ama!” if you prefer this shot.

and lastly

together gether we posed for the camera… before leaving.

Next up! .. erm… got la.. something. lol

so what say you? “Aye!”? or “Aiyoyo!”? or “Aiyo Ama!”?



  1. smashin' pOpstar

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