Damn nice bridge

OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK last post from Putrajaya.

As I was saying, sunset was coming near… we managed to take a few more shots before the sky turned dark.

Golden building wtf!

Traffic light in the middle of nowhere? Oh sorry the nicely tiled pathway was actually the main road. ahahahhaha

ok it was dark already and we walked to this carpark.

The sky damn blue can!

Herbert was like saying he wanted to go to the bridge for 1000 times so we walked over.

while he was setting up his camera.. I shot him.

and then I started taking photos of the bridge too.

Damn nice.

… and lastly.. the 3 of uz…

After Putrajaya,… we brought Herbert to Look Out Point. I was already bored of that place so I didnt take any photos .ahahh


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