Day3 is Movie Day

3rd day of Chinese New Year is always a movie day for our family… cos it is believed that we should not visit each other at our homes cos it will cause argument etc.

So we went to watch a CNY movie at Pyramid…. before that we lunched at Papa rich.

My nasi lemak. damn nice.

Argh… not wide enoughhhhhhh lol

My 2 female cousins. ahahah

Most good looking guy in the family. ehem.

Took this shot when my aunt was showing mum some photos. Woot go N96!

My cousin also hemsem la kan?

We were bored cos all aunties were busy talking so we took this. 😀

Ok time to see whatsuppppppppppp with SymbianpOp recently.

Check it out yo!



  1. Tian Chad

    one of ur aunt looks pretty ar

    smashpOp Replies:


  2. brandon eu

    Was referred here from Some nice stuff here from your Sony a700. I’ve got a friend in Melbourne who’s waiting for his a900 to arrive 🙂


    smashpOp Replies:

    cool! thats a good slr 😀

  3. annna

    wooot! I didn’t know about visiting houses on 3rd day of cny. Now I know. It’s so cool of your family members to go watch movies together!

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