Ddukbokki For Dinner! Tiltshift! Tallest in Korea!

2 more shots from the Smart City Incheon.

This is the tallest building in Korea.. for now. lol

.. and what’s it like to view the whole smart city from top?

Here it is. Snapped and edited on the iPhone 4 itself. Awesome.

We then went back to SongDo for dinner. We were gonna have one of the most famous dish in Korea… spicy rice cake with chicken!

This was where we had dinner. Restaurant name is Hyundai Mul TeomBong.

Here’s the main dish! the pan was so big it could fit 3 people!

The food server lady then helped us fry and stir it a bit.

Close up. It was one of my favourite food in Korea. More photos from the night NEXT!



  1. Xietin

    I love the pics you took in incheon! May I know what dslr and lens you’re using in this post? 😀 Thank you!

    smashpOp Replies:

    its a combination of photos from iphone 4 and sony alpha a55

    Xietin Replies:

    Okie, thanks for the info! 😀

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