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Anyone saw the stage play that talks about family denial? Here’s the poster of the play.

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This is the poster that i found.
I was there at the play.. many people came to watch.. i think it’s cos of the 2 good looking actors and 2 pweety actresses that played their roles very well.

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The four of them played members of a family which was not really a real family.. a little confuring at first.. but you’ll know what message they were trying to convey at the end.

Here are some shot’s from the play.

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The two brothers liked to gamble a lot when they were young until they lost everything they owned.. (smashpOp and Kurt)

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The 2 sisters hated each other since the day the elder got married to a rich guy.. and the younger won a lottery.. (Fireangel and Jasiminne)

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Poor brother and rich sister.. they are still proud of themselves.. eventhough people say they bring bad luck to the whole neighbourhood

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somehow they don’t like each other.. but got along very well…

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