Design, Print & Mail Greeting Cards, Calendars & More with EfficientLive!

The festive seasons are here.. Christmas.. New Years and Chinese New Year are around the corner. This is the time when we will eventually send greeting cards to our friends and relatives right?
Usually I would go to the bookstores and stand there for 30 minutes trying to look for the suitable card designs to send to my friends but this time around, I’ll be doing something more convenient and simple.. cos I found this website called

Now to make it simple, this website offers printing and delivery of many types of things like greeting cards, postcards, desk calendar and business cards.
Why are they EFFICIENT?
That’s cos they are able to let you design your own, print and mail it out to your friends or to yourself. FREE delivery within Malaysia or anywhere in the world, depending on which product you are ordering. How cool is that??! I’ll tell you more about this later.

So let’s just say you wanna print a greeting card. All you need to do is go to the greeting cards section, select your template, edit the design and PRINT! Like this one here above, Christmas cards are only RM5 per piece to anywhere within Malaysia!

There are 3 types of mailings:
Single Mailing: mail a card to 1 recipient
Bulk Mailing: mail the same card design, with individual recipient name and message (using a .CSV list).. I really like this feature!!
Mail To Me: Bulk purchase of the same design and have it sent back to the user.

One of the products which I love most is the desk calendar printing! I have actually ordered this one and I can’t wait to receive them yo!
2013 is coming, so if your school, company or you wanna print and give out as merchandise, this is the best thing to give! Everyone needs a calendar especially with 2013 just around the corner.
From RM25 for 16 pages and RM35 for 26 pages. Again, I think this price is super affordable.

TThis is how the editing interface looks like. You can edit the graphic, upload your own image etc. Super simple to use. When I first used this I did my design on the first try and printed it straight away. Saved me a lot more time then standing at the bookstore picking designs which I cannot customize.
So if you want something to send out this festive season, which you can customize, provides free delivery, affordable and cool, try out at
I tell you.. better go and do your prints quick as many people would wanna do it too this holiday season heheh


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