Dining at Amuleto

Months ago I was invited to a food testing session at Amuleto, MidValley. I was allowed to bring friends so I brought along 3 siao buddies.

This is the place. Classy.

Our faces.

It was before Chinese New Year… they had this yee sang that they wanted us to test.

I love yee sang…. the crunchy crackers damn nice… oh the salmon too!

It was a special event cos they had fashion show also that night, organised by ThreeSixty.

After the show, everyone got back to their seats cos the rest of the dishes was about to be served…. and those photos… will be up in the next post.

For now, let’s check out what’s new on SymbianpOp.



  1. teddY

    Wow, I couldn’t help but fall in love with their interior design from the first photo! The wide angle lens did so much justice to their lovely layout, heh. I like it that they’ve used warmer tones – psychologists prove that yellow, orange and red (two of which are common colours in McDonalds and KFC outlets) increases people’s appetite, haha!

    Wow, they even had a fashion show in the restaurant? Awesome! I’m wondering – are you using any kind of flash in the model photos?

    p/s: Have a great weekend!

  2. Jeff

    I dont know if anyone told you this before pop bro, you and rames like twin brothers from different race ehhehe.

  3. Albert Ng

    Wah crunchy yee sang bits, yum!

  4. Albert Ng

    Wah crunchy yee sang bits, yum!!

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