Dinner at Carls Jr

After leaving the Star Celeb roadshow, I met up with Chris and Maverick for dinner at Carl’s Jr.

From this, I expected the burger to be big… really big…

the place was actually quite small.. n looked a bit like burger king.

Here’s my combo set! A double western beef burger, small fries and a small cup for bottomless drinks… RM21.80

Chris already started eating when I was still taking photos. ahah

1,2,3 pose! ok thats all lets eat! ahhaha

Seriously.. the burger…. damn damn damn nice… super bigjuicy beef patty… cheese… mmmm bacon… mmmmm and they also put in a big onion ring in between those beef… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

seriously everyone should try it… but don order set la…. buy the burger enough… n bring your own water 😀

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahahah


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