Dinner at Vivo

On the say day I went lunch at sushi zanmai, I went to watch high school musical at the curve with Szetoo, Joshua and Jen.

We went dinner at Vivo.

Recommended! Damn nice mushroom pasta. Super niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Josh ordered this… dono whether nice or not. lol

This is my long sausage. 😛

Why brurrrrrrrrrr huhu

After eating we went to big apple to wait for Jen to come.

Thats our premier screening tickets. 😀

Then when Jen arrived, we went to the cinema straight away.



  1. ari7474

    Firstly, you also like long sausages is it??? LOL!

    Secondly, i thought only school girls watch high school musical? But then again, I think Vanessa Hudgens is kinda cute. She’s above 18 rite..?

  2. henry

    wow… the foot long sausages look so..hhmmm… in a way…

    hmmmmm…. >..<

  3. TZ

    The mushroom Pasta looks yummy! :p

  4. shaoweii

    Wah urs so long!

    Err i mean the sausage aha

  5. Hitomi

    whoa…you sure that sausage belongs to you????

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