DiscovrpOp Gets A Facelift. Flexible Layout, Flatter Design, More Tech/Mobile News!

Hey all!
If you have been following tech and mobile news on DISCOVRPOP, you should totally check it again now as it has been revamped!

The all new discovr.smashpop.net now has:
– BIG story highlight
clean & flat interface
better comment system for discussions
‘drag-to-share’ for easy sharing of articles
– improved better topic structure &
– new mobile interface!

The flexible interface now adjusts to the size of your screen. If you are viewing the website on your computer, try dragging the corners of your browser to resize and see the panels in the website move around to re-adjust!

Sharing an article you are interested in is a lot easier now. Just drag any photo in the article and drop it into either Facebook or Twitter. It’s that simple!

Go to DISCOVR.SMASHPOP.NET and discover all new features NOW!


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