Disneyland Jump

The next day, we went to Disneyland!

We took the MTR and at the 2nd last station, we had to change to the Disney train..

u know i had to do this rite. lol

we then had to walk past security… got our bags checked… and can finally enter.

the moment we stepped into the ‘land’, this was what we saw

the middle there was actually a roundabout kinda thing with Mickey and Minnie standing there posing with visitors… and the sides were all shops..

we were too lazy to queue 20 minutes just to camho with the cartoon characters.

so we took photo like this lor…. same rite? ahahha

free transport to bring u around the theme park.

i was still busy taking pics of everything like jakun… when my cousin screamed.

ahah no le.. she was actually posing.. with Mickey’s castle in the background.. can see?

we then walked deeper into the park and our first stop!


so what’s at TOMORROWLAND? to find out, come back TOMORROWLAND tomorrow. 😀


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