Disneyland Parade

so what was everyone waiting for? ahahah

it was the parade! featuring all the cartoon characters 😀

here’s a video

the toy soldiers rox! they walk and dance exactly like in the Toy Story animation.

Another video! 😀

ok after the parade we went for lunch…

then we got ourselves into the world of Tarzan where we took on a boatride that brought us into the mysterious jungle

the ride was fun… cos everything that happened while we were there was very shocking and realistic. Thumbs up. To those who has never tried, please go n try cos damn nice 😀

at about 4pm we went to watct he Lion King show.

here’s a video i recorded of the show. (so that you can watch it even from your room. lol)

i love this show too. 3 thumbs up

thats my big cousin sister and little cousin sister. ahha damn cute kan?

ok nex post.. finale and everything else happened at night 😀

(don leave without watching the 3 videos! 😀 )



  1. mai

    AHHA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You ^_^

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