Double the N

Yesterday when i was in the office, I received a call from the mail room.

Man: Jason Goh please?
Me: Speaking.
Man: oh I’m from the mail room. There’s a package here waiting for you.
Me: ok i come now.

Then i asked Rames to go with me and take my photo while on the way there.

So after collecting the package.. we walked back up to the office.

oh before that… camho first. ahaha

so i got back to office and opened the package.

there was a letter from Nokia.

it says

“Congratulations. You have won an N95.”

woooooooot! i totally forgot that I joined an N95 contest in Midvalley 2 months before the launch of N95 in malaysia. hahaa

then I took the box out from the plastic bag.

A Nokia N95!!!!!!!!!!!


if i am taking all these N95 photos using my N95…

that means…


Here’s a photo of my current N95

so now… anyone wants to buy this New N95 off me? im selling it few hundred bux cheaper than the shops outside.. and best of all.. the warranty card is not filled or stamped! means this N95 will forever be under warranty! WOOT!

Package includes:
N95, Leather case, 1GB Micro SD card, Stereo Headphones, Screen Protector, Battery, Charger, TV Out cable, USB Cable, CD, Manuals

For those interested please email me at smashpop[at]gmail[dot]com

enquiries in tagboard and commentbox will not be entertained.


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