DoubleExposure Reunion

Exactly 1 week after my birthday, which was on 27th March,  some of my fellow Double Exposure buddies and I went for a reunion dinner thingymajig at Nandos Midvalley.

We havent been seeing each other for 2 months already after we finished recording the reality show.

Here are photos of us… ahaha an introduction. Szetoo had to leave early so we quickly took some shots before we started eating.

Moar photos!

Eddyhan and Wei Chien got super excited over a topic… forgot what it was about ahahhaha

Then Chris arrived after his gym session.. we were all teasing him and his muscles.. ahahha Ari couldnt control himself and grabbed him.

Suddenly out of no where Nick brought out a cake and everyone started singing happy birthday to me ahahha it was a belated one but stilll i was touched…. ahahhahahahhhahaa

This group shot does not mark the end of this event…. more photos will be up tomorrow! 😀

Currently double Exposure is being aired on NTV7 every friday at 730pm.. remember to watch us!



  1. Stanley

    Good ah you guys still keep contact. Btw, is the winner out yet?

    smashpOp Replies:

    yes it is.

  2. BooNMiNG

    haha.. now u paham liao??

    remember to watch my video and rate it oh!! thanks thanks !!

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