DragonBeard & FishPaste in Cheung Chau

As I ventured more into Cheung Chau island, I discovered more. I met some people and I ate some food.

I ‘accidentally’ snapped some girls. Oh a girl with a Canon dSLR. Hullo.

I also snapped a hemsem guy who was coincidentally posing at the pier.

The streets of Cheung Chau is filled with hawkers. This one was of them, a chee cheong fun stall.

I also met this old man who was standing by the roadside selling something. I talked to him a bit and found out that he is 70 years old this year and he has always been in the island.

What was he doing by at road? He was selling these dragon beard candies. “Loong shou thong” in cantonese. I bought a pack from him.

Walked past this little ol skool kopitiam and I couldnt resist but to enter and try their food, feel the ambience and take some photos.

One thing for sure.. their milk tea was tasteless. So was the noodle.




  1. Punk Chopsticks

    Oh my god I love your photos!!! seriously XD
    Lol the focus is really good = D

    smashpOp Replies:

    wowowowo thanks for the nice comment. hehe come back daily ya 😀

  2. Joey

    the hamsem guy ok ok la….. :p

    smashpOp Replies:

    yer ok ok oni ah? 🙁 ahhaha 😛

  3. undergraduate

    hemsem guy… hehe^^

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