Drinking White Liquid

This is 8th post on Alpha convention 08

So as we got out from the boring talk, we shot some models while waiting for lunch time.

A new model was standing next to the Ducati.

She’s damn cute! Whenever we asked her to pose, she will do some cute ones for us… ehhehe (but not this foto la)

Cool eh.

Then it was lunch time!!!!!!!!! We all went down to Latest Recipe at level 5.

The mushroom soup damn nice can!

Got choc fondue too!.. or was it fountain… hmm nvm. don care.

Suddenly, William came over and he was smiling ‘hamsap’ly asking us a question.

We were shocked… lol “Wah Will… you so productive ah?”

“What la! This is lemon soda + milk lah!”

Woot! Cheers! lol actually the white drink was quite nice.


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  1. desmond-t

    white drink actually lemon plus milk? hmm how weird… wana try that cocktail too!

  2. day-dreamer

    Why never shoot the chocolate fountain? Haha.

  3. TIan Chad

    How do u drink that stuff?
    It seems solidified, like agar already

  4. Reyen

    Lemon is not a good combination with milk, their natural properties counter with each other and produces a chemical reaction which it is not good for the body.

  5. Kei

    i wonder how it taste like o.o
    sour lemon + milk = sour milk? o.o

  6. buttercup

    where’s the cute ones?!?!

  7. maRCus

    ee..the white liquid looks gooey.. hehe!

  8. Darren

    the second girl is hot alright! hehe, very creative way of using the test tube as a cup

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