Duck Fish Beef Fire Pot @ New Formosa + TEASER #4

OK this is part 2 of our food tasting session at New Formosa Restaurant, in SS2 PJ back in June.

Our 2nd duck dish that night. Taste sweet and I like the crispy skin.

Then we had fish!

This one was not bad. The soup had this beefy taste but the vermicelli was too soft.

The boss then cleared out table to give space for this fire pot. She cooked some of the ingredients on the table…

…then added in more stuff… soup as well! AMAZING.

Dessert was this pieces of yam dipped in boiling honey and then soaked with iced water. Result? Crunchy honey layer covering the yam. Unique experience!

Took a group shot before we left. Everyone super full ehhhe.


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