Eagle Square

back to Langkawi…

after Island hopping.. we went backto hotel to clean up and got ready for our next adventure.

We went to this park… Legend Park or something.. forgot the name

we came here to see the big eagle statue but found out it was across the lake. so we gave up searching for it

this park has got the weirdest trees ever. like a fantasy land

Look at the treessssssss… Wiiiiide Lens 😀

I like pathways with vanishing points

Then we went to Langkawi Fair, a shopping mall nearby … according to map, its the biggest shopping center in the whole island… but it turned out to be quite bad. wasnt impressed at all.

so after that.. we had a drink and went back to hotel to rest

took this at the hotel carpark. We rented this car for 2.5 days.


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