Eat Eat Eat at Gurney

After leaving that town filled with old buildings… I went to meet my relatives at Tanjung Bungah.

Then at night…. my parents and I went to Gurney Drive!

We ate and ate and ate!!

when we arrived, that hawker area was already filled with hungry humans everywhere.. could barely find an empty table.

The rojak damn nice can!! Apart from the fruits, they ogt cuttlefish inside! and the black sause.. warao.. feel like wanna swim in the pool of rojaks..

This one was nice.. but I prefer KL char kuey teow.. cos its drier.. and has more dark soya sauce.

[Correction: MUAR CHI (MOO – ARE – CHEE)] Sticky dumpling kinda thing wrapped in sugar and peanut. A bit too soft. KL version is more tangy.

here is a video of me hunting for food.

See what I was seeing.. and feel the crowd yo.

More food tomorrow!


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