Eating Ice Cream Sandwich In AndroidLand!

Pt. 1: The Journey From Kuala Lumpur To Istanbul
Pt. 2: Arriving at La Mola Hotel, Barcelona
Pt. 3: A look around La Mola, Mushroom & Squid
Pt. 4: Collecting Our MWC Tag At Fira Barcelona!
Pt. 5: TapaTapa Tech Bloggers Lunch!
Pt. 6: Walking Down Passieg de Gracia
Pt. 7: Sagrada Familia JUMP!
Pt. 8: The End Of Day 2 In Barcelona
Pt. 9: Barcelona Day 3: Hello Mobile World Congress!
Pt. 10: Touching Gadgets & Meeting Blogger Friends At MWC
Pt. 11: Lunch, Sony & Samsung @ Mobile World Congress
Pt. 12: Windows Phone Party At El Molino, Barcelona
Pt. 13: Barcelona Day 4: Breakfast & Park Guell
Pt. 14: I Met The Mosaic Dragon!
Pt. 15: Barcelona Plank!
Pt. 16: Barcelona Day 4: Dinner & Moonlight Networking!

On the 5th day of us in Barcelona, we went to Mobile World Congress again after our breakfast. This time around, I went to the Android area.. which looked a lot like AndroidLand!

Everything Android! There were games, booths showcasing some games/apps for Android platform, bar, restaurant and more!

One of the main attractions was this robot that builds customized blingbling for Galaxy Nexus back cover.

Everyone there queued to play this. Controlling the crane with an Android tablet and if you are lucky, you might just get to collect an Android plushie!

Every 30 mins people would be screaming and rushing to the bar cos they guys there were giving out REAL Ice Cream Sandwiches!

OMG OMG OMG I’m eating one. Hahahah

There were also many places for people to take photo like this area is the freestyle graffiti kinda corner.

More photos tomorrow!



  1. Jet

    Wow!! a real android ice cream sandwich !!!
    i want i want ~~~~

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