Elecoldxhot & Wakaka Fever

After all the advertorials and Popcrap.. lets get back to our Battleground photos.

After all the cheering and screaming for the previous groups Katoon Network and Dancologists, here comes Elecoldxhot!

Dancing along with the tune from N’Sync (theme for the 1st round was 90’s)

Sharp moves and fast action.

As usual… judges evaluation after the dance.

Saw my friends Wernsern and Alan on up the stairs. Helo!

The fourth group to perform, Wakaka Fever.

What happened next? Why is Brynn looking so serious? Check back tomorrow 😀



  1. uLi

    Nice! Will wait for the upcoming post! ^^

    smashpOp Replies:

    posted! 😀

  2. b-boy scp crew

    yo3…. lets battle/?/?

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