Elite Beat Agents

padapapapa…. im lovin’ it….

im lovin my DS… ds.. uh… Ds… dS… uh… check it out!

I just got my Super Mario Bros pouch for my DS! Look! Look!

Putrajaya pics will be back soon.

For today, I wanna tell you guys about this game I’m playing on my NDSL (Nintendo DS Lite)

It’s called “Elite Beat Agents”

When I first saw this 3 guys in the cover.. I told myself… “must be some boring cartoonish games”


It’s actually a comic-ish music rythm game.

You start with picking a victim from around the globe… a victim of bad luck.

then these 3 agents will be sent by the commando to the earth to help the victim to overcome the problems faced…. by DANCING!

all their dance moves will be controlled by us, tapping the touchscreen accordng to the music beat.

if u fail to folo the beats, the victim will suffer more of the bad luck.

so it’s up to the player to save them.

O2Jam fanatics will love this game.

Here’s a video of me playing this video in office. Thanks Albert for recordng this video.


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