Email Night with Nokia E75

On the 22nd April, I was invited to a dinner at Solaris. It was an event held by Nokia to introduce us to Nokia email and the E75.

One of the speakers were Mr. Bambos Kaisharis, Marketing Manager for Nokia Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. He engaged us with questions about emails, how emails have evolved and explained why we should funnel all our emails into one medium etc…

He also explains why the E75 is the perfect device for messaging and email as it not only spots a full qwerty keyboard, but also a full fledged Nokia Messaging software that pushes our personal and corporate emails into the device so that we can check them wherever we are.

We then got to play with the E75.. trying to set up email and fiddling with the keyboard.

A shot with my previous phone, the 5800 XpressMusic.

Since everyone on the table was using Symbian phones… so we placed them together for a family shot. hehe

More photos and a video tomorrow! 😀



  1. Ah Hong

    Ohhh…din’t realize E75 was a slide phone but they said E71 is more stable than E71?

  2. Stanley

    I wanted that phone! Lol, but I’ve spent so much money this year already buying new camera gear. I comfort myself by saying “Aiyah, my phone can call and sms already….”

  3. cHrIstInA_YY

    o.O” Nokia kakis…

  4. ewin


    so many Nokia phones!

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