Entering the clouds

[[ Photos below were shot using the Sony Alpha A550 and WX1 Cybershot]]

We are back again… to the Langkawi posts… ahahaa

So after shooting at the famous eagle square, we went up the bus again and we were brought to this cable car place were we had to compete with each other to solve some clues and win rewards.

After all the running up down left right, we all got to ride the cable car up the hill. Weeee!

It was actually my 2nd time here… still very nice feeling to be so high up and wind was so strong ppl wearing wigs better don go up ahah

We had to drama drama a bit in the cable car cos one of us had to record video of the whole journey up…

This was the top platform where we spent 30 minutes taking photos of everything ahhaha (Click on the photo for BIGGER PANORAMA!)

Suddenly I noticed 2 other Sony members were wearing the same Nike Lunarglide as me.. and since it’s black orange, we shot our shoes with the Sony Alpha.. 😀

It was time to go back down.

Wide lens camho in ze cable car!

ok finish.



  1. uLi

    I been there…hehe!

  2. Ah Hong

    I been there before. Nice view from the top. But more ‘scarier’ lor compare to Genting Cable Car. Lol

  3. Esa Hiltunen

    You’ve been busy I see and your photos are just getting better and better.

    Keep it up!

  4. J2Kfm

    LOL. You were really sweating cz of the fear? Or the humidity?

  5. zaque

    the panorama shot, did u shoot it using a tripod?

    is it multiple burst one stretch or frame by frame? 😀

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