Mysterious Appearances at EPIConcert

Back in December, there was this charity event with band performances with 90′s as the theme at Publika Square and it was called EPIConcert.

I was there.. just for the fun of it and apparently many of my friends were there too!

The stage!

Josh and the rest were there at the booth so I joined them and hung out a bit.

Took lots of photos! Free printing.. so we snapped n printed non stop LOL

Love this one.

More and more familiar faces appeared that day.. ahah Bryan, Me, Yiching, Jon, Ewin, Audrey

First time meeting Kester,, cool guy. Khailee was chilling as usual with his friend Xin Ci.

Evo mysteriously appeared holding some old school cornflake box. Lol

More NEXT!



  1. Evo

    Damn nice this post, especially cause of the last pic.

    smashpOp Replies:

    i know right! lol

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