Everyone’s Birthday on Chor 7

The 7th day of Chinese New Year is known as “Yan Yatt” in Cantonese. That also means it’s everyone’s day or birthday.

Today I went to Thean Hou temple with my parents to pray and to take some photos.

Here are 3 shots from the temple. The rest will be posted in… erm.. April I think.. lol

I actually wanted to go few days ago but everyday also rain rain rain… luckily the weather today is good.

When we arrived, we could hear the sounds of lion dance performance.. so I quickly got off the car and went to take some photos.

Show drum first la k… lion dance next time.. ahha

We were there til about 8pm and then left for dinner.

Since it was everyone’s birthday, we went for a very nice shabu shabu dinner at Imbi.

Damn nice food and they have many types of broth…. but a bit expensive la.. oh wells.. thats all for today.

… and this might be the last CNY “Fatt Choy” update and the usual posts will be back after this! Stay tuned. haha



  1. Furkids in Hong Kong

    Happy New Year Day 7 and Happy B’day to you too Jason.

    Just watched episode 9 of double exposure. Close one (between your team and the winning team), but personally, I think your presentation and idea was better – especially since it helped differentiate this cafe to all the other ones out there.

    But nonetheless, great job and eagerly await the next episode. Btw, how many episodes are there in all?


    smashpOp Replies:

    hey pete… happy new year day 9! haha thanks for supporting. there are 13 eps in total 😀

  2. Darren

    my mom loves to have shabu shabu but not me don’t know why hahah

    smashpOp Replies:

    shabu shabu damn nice ok

  3. ahlost

    Thean Hau temple so big !!

    smashpOp Replies:

    its damn big wan.. u should go take foto eheh

  4. Ah Hong

    Very clear and nice lightning woh…

    smashpOp Replies:

    ya wor

  5. andrew

    i just went shabu shabu recently … hahaha =D aiyo i damn like tien hou temple la… must get wide angle go shoot!!

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