Exclusive 2PM Album Giveaway!

OK I assume you guys have seen all my 5 Korea posts?

Here’s a little souvenir I got from South Korea for you. An exclusive 2PM album.

If you dont know who is 2PM, you might already knew them from this famous Cabi Song they did with SNSD.

Here’s a poster they did to promote the album “Time For Change” which I am giving out today.

Here’s their latest song, I’ll Be Back.

OK how do you get your hands on this goodie?

Just answer 2 simple questions based on my Korea posts and 1 very easy slogan.

Question 1: If senior citizens were to get 10% discount on the fare for the Central Park Water Taxi in Incheon, how many Won must 2 senior citizens pay?
Question 2: Where did I stay when I was in Seoul?

I want that 2PM album because…. (not more than 5 words)

Email your entries to me: smashpop [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject title “I WANT 2PM”

ONE lucky winner will be selected to win the exclusive 2PM album.
Submission ends 11.59pm 9.12.2010. GOOD LUCK!


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