Faces at The Spirit Screening

Long long time ago, we were at The Spirits screening, organised by Advertlets.

As usual, we would go for dinner before the movie.

New faces, Victor, Joshua and Wilson.

Another one.. Ryan.

After dinner we all proceeded to the cinema to get our tickets and to mingle with the other bloggers.

I got tickets for Marcus so he came for the movie.

First time meeting EVo and Selena… we talked n talked about blogging n stuff..

Taira was there too!

My Alpha buddies… Hocmun… and Daniel and Justin. Hocmun kept playing with my 28mm lens… that day.. ahah and he bought it soon after.

Andrew and Jennifer were there too.. friends from P1.

Then it was time to enter the hall…. the movie sucked… and we left the cinema after 10 minutes.. lol

We went yumcha at Starbucks and when the movie ended, I met up with TikTsin along with 2 of his friends.

OK finish bye. lol



  1. TikTsin

    lol this is epic overdue. wtf

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahah better late than nevarrrr

  2. EVo

    omg i look so tired in this pic…better u label me as Mr Sleepy instead of your P1 friend lalala

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahah ok 2 sleepy friends lol

  3. ijansempoi

    Nice group picture

  4. Ashleyteng

    the spirit movie outing organised by advertlets? that was like so long time ago lor xD

    anyway the movie is really suck, my friend who went watch together with me fall asleep for 3 times! and his snoring was quite annoying xD anyway somehow i got to forced myself to watch the whole movie.

    conclusion for myself : it’s time and money wasting to watch that movie in cinama =.=

    anyway can i link u up in my blog? all ur photos are nice and interesting leh 😉 i like ur blog. most importantly your friends r my friends, my friends r ur friends! saw marcus and evo’s picture in ur blog xD and loottts of ur photo in evo’s blog! haha xD

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