Fake Garden

Has anyone watched Heroes EP.7 yet? omg omg damn best can!!!! Kanjiong maximum! Takezo Kensei + Peter Petreli!

ok after dinner at Chopstik… we went camhoring at Gardens.

took more than 30 shots of the same thing and here’s one of it.

can you see Jen holding remote? haha The A700 comes with a remote so we can camho without asking for ppl’s help! woot

here’s a video of us going to the fake garden that looks like a real garden in Gardens which is not really a real garden but is named Gardens.

Must watch!!! ahhaah siao. (video recorded by Jen)

After walking around Gardens til 10pm, we walked over to Midvalley for a drink at CoffeeBean

was chatting with Herbert just now when I showed him my snowcap.

dono how… but we suddenly got into our jackets and posed via webcam. hahah

siao can!


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