FAM Trip to South Korea with AirAsia X!

#This is an early brief post on my recent Korea trip from 24th Nov – 29th Nov. Post 1 of 4#

As you all may already know, I just came back from South Korea 2 days ago. It was a FAM trip organised by AirAsia X to introduce to the media and the public about their direct flights from KL to Seoul which started on 1st November 2010.

So on 24th Nov, I went to LCCT to meet up with the rest of the media. I then found out I forgot to bring my dSLR battery charger… OMG. So I had to save battery by taking most of the photos using my iPhone 4. *Yikes*

So we boarded the D7 2682 flight at about 115pm.

The AirAsia X logo. The ‘X’ indicates long-haul segment of AirAsia flights.

The cabin crew were very friendly and helpful. SNapped this photo when she was about to serve us our meal.

Iz us! Tan from Sinchew and Tipah from RTM.

The flight took about 6.5 hours and we arrived at Incheon airport at about 930pm Korean time. This thing at the airport caught my attention. ahah.. iPad?????

We took a bus and it brought us to Paradise Hotel in Incheon. The weather that night was about 2′ celsius. Super cold!

My room! I shared with a videographer from RTM.


– AirAsia X commenced the service between Kuala Lumpur – Seoul on 1st November 2010.
– Direct flights depart from LCCT, KL to Incheon International Airport.
– AirAsia X covers destinations which are more than 4 hours flight duration covering over 130 routes and 70 destinations throughout ASEAN, China, India, Australia, Taipei and Europe.



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