Faraa’s Big Day

Few months ago Faraa had her wedding dinner at her house and I went to help her shoot some photos.

I arrived quite early and she was doing her make up in the room.

All M.A.C products woot

She says hello while I snapped her..

These drawings on the hand is believed to bring good luck to the marriage.

Next phase… do the hair do do the hair!

I then went down the hall to have a look at the surroundings.. saw the baby Faraa and her mum.

This will be where the couple sit to meet the guests later.

Everything’s ready! Now what? Wait for ppl to come lor..



  1. uLi


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  2. Joey

    innai ink drawing….used to plug the plant leave at the Malay village i stay when i was a kid

    smashpOp Replies:

    wah where ustay last time?

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