Fatty Crab

2 weeks ago… we all suddenly got the urge to eat crab…. so everyone gathered everyone and we all went to Fatty Crab at Mines for dinner.

i damn long nvr eat crab d…. so nice… crab rox!

we had vege and fried rice too! The vege is called “choi tam” in cantonese.

and here goes our faces

cherrie getting married to this guy…
and brandon is marrying her.

ryan came late and sat nex to rames… wassup ryan! long time no c!

my 3rd time meeting hiew if i not mistaken… his gf damn quiet… shy maybe.. 😀

hikaru and junn need no introduction… siao gang members also… see how junn laff oledi know he siao

adrian loves heroes so much…. he was the one who helped me buy the Heroes tshirt… look he was wearing it too!

Jacklyn is pretending to be happy… but she actually a bit sad… cos Jed dowan come back see her.. lol
and Jen… cried… cos she felt lucky for being able to enjoy good food… with a bunch of good frens.

after eating… we felt like having dessert… so we drove to OUG Citrus park to dive into some mango loh and honeydew loh and redbean loh and everything else.

here’s a video from KTZ


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