Feeding Eagles

after the 1st island… we took the boat ride to another one.. where we were shown the process of feeding eagles.

eagles! being fed! right smack in front of your face! a bit the jakun.. so wanna see how it was like.

the boat suddenly came to a halt. the guide then pointed to one of the hills and told us to look at the top.

“that’s the famous pregnant lady hill” he said.

then we all jakun jakun woah woah fuyoh fuyoh snap snap snap… n continued our journey.

the boat moved so fast it was super bumpy.. somethin like a roller coaster ride. everyone was screaming and laughing like crazy people meeting crazy people.

another speedboat joined us and we sorta like raced a bit to that eagle place

after 5 minutes. we stopped near an island and we could see a few boats already ‘parking’ there waiting for the eagles to come.

they really came! in flocks(sp)! or group. watever the collective noun is…

everyone got ready to snap them.

the little boy sitting at the end of the boat.. poured a bucket of chicken meat into the water to feed the eagles

this was the only close up shot i got. the rest all too far way


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