FGS Dongshen pt.1

LAaaaAaAaaast sunday.. I went to this lantern parade/festival thingy at FGS Dongshen in Banting(1 hr. drive from KL).

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This is a picture i took when i was in the car.. on the way to the temple… nice view huh..

Image hosting by Photobucket
The moment i reached there.. i saw this park like space with many small statues.. and then next to it was a lake.. and also a waterfall.. so i quickly snap a pic of it using slow shutter speed to create the effect of the smooth water flow

Image hosting by Photobucket
The waterfall was actually at the bottom of this big rock.. which was always a koi pond… n yea.. that’s me..

Come back tomorrow for FGD Dongshen pt. 2!!


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