Finland Update 1: Paris, Hotel, Helsinki, Nokia & Salmon

Woohoo! Ok from this post onwards, Ill show you guys photos Ive taken from my Nokia trip to Finland since 5 days ago.

I took Air France from KL and transitted at Paris. From there, I switched to Finnair to Finland. In total, I was in the air for about 16 hours. Phew

Checking into my room, at Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel.

I then went out for a walk while waiting for the rest to arrive from their respective countries.

Later in the day, Mark (bottom left) arrived and we walked to the Nokia Store in Helsinki. How can one not visit the Nokia Store when travelling to Finland, right? Heh

Everyone arrived later in the day and we went for dinner at night at this authentic Finnish restaurant called Sea Horse.

Wanted to try the well known reindeer dish but felt that it was too cruel to eat reindeers so I opted for grilled salmon instead (which was SO SO SO GOOD OMFG no regrets)

Everyone at the table took out their Nokia devices for this shot. Heh.



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