Finland Update 2: Nokia House, Lumia 1020, Lumia 625 & Awsm Pork Neck

PART 1: Finland Update 1: Paris, Hotel, Helsinki, Nokia & Salmon

On the 2nd day, we went to Nokia House in Espoo yo! I have never imagined to be able to visit the mothership all the way in Finland and hey, here I am! 😀

Will be posting more photos in the future, but this is just an update on my trip so I am only showing you guys 1 photo 😛 This is where all Nokia employees eat btw.

Checked out the wall of old Nokia phones and here are some of them! Can you guess the models?

We had a ‘private’ session with the 41 megapixels Nokia Lumia 1020! So awesome I want !!!!!!!!!

Also got the chance to fondle the just announced 4.7inch Lumia 625.

Group shot of the 5 MVC Judges.

At night, we had dinner at a restaurant by the pier and I has this pork neck! ITS THE #[email protected]#%@#%@# DELICIOUS! Tender meet, sourish coleslaw and satay gravy wooohh..



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