Finland Update 3: Breakfast, Fishmarket, Suomenlinnan & smashpOp Jump!

PART 1: Finland Update 1: Paris, Hotel, Helsinki, Nokia & Salmon
PART 2: Finland Update 2: Nokia House, Lumia 1020, Lumia 625 & Awsm Pork Neck

OK on the next day, we woke up early for breakkie!

The hotel breakfast is amazing

We then walked to the fishmarket! They sell all sorts of fish! Nah im kidding. They sell food, souvenirs, fruits n other stuff.

From the market, we took a boat to Suomenlinnan Island.. Fort.. thingymajig

After a 10 minutes boat ride, we arrived.

We quickly headed to this cottage house and had salmon soup for lunch! It’s bottomless so you can take as much soup and bread as you want. IT tasted HEAVENLY.

We walked around the island and saw this boat filled with people in formal clothings. Wedding yo! Even seagulls were decorating the skies for them.

Walked up to the hills and jumped! Check out all my previous jumps since 2005 here.



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