Fireworks at Genting

more photos from yesterday 😀

We reached Genting at about 3pm… the sky was damn blue okay..

we then went into the hotel to check in…

got into our room and came back out to the carpark for a short walk.

My dad got excited about going to the casino… so he jumped.

Dad: don post this photo ok! malu la..
Me: cannot! take oledi must post lololol

there were CNY performances and activities at night… to countdown to 12midnight.

so mum and I went to the carpark area to wait for the show to start

it was damn misty… damn cold… damn nice.. lol

there were lion dance shows… drum peroformance and this one best….

fireworks at midnight!

and this is my favourite photo from yesterday night.

does it make any difference if you held your phone higher? (another version in my FLICKR)

when everything ended, we went to eat KFC… then at about 145am… i went to watch CJ7 with mum.

the next day we checked out and left for KL



  1. smashin' pOpstar

    […] was here at Genting last year for CNY too and the fireworks demonstration was superb! They had lion dance and performances too… but too bad it was raining last night.. so […]

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