Fish, Seafood & YOKOMON!

So one day Leslie called me up and suggested to have dinner with the rest of the gang.. so we planned a dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.

Seafood platter is like a MUST HAVE when you dine at MFM… so yea we ordered that.

Nikicheong lookalike and Evie..

Someone ordered fish & chips.. forgot who LOL

Leslie, Ewin, Bryan and I.. we are all Sony Alpha users.. woot!

Ok after dinner we walked around Pyramid and then went for dessert!

We had ice cream at YOKOMON!




  1. yinxie

    ice cream melting ade.. faster take photo la!!LOL!!!

    smashpOp Replies:

    AAHHAAHH wah u still remember 😛

    yinxie Replies:

    of kos! you take pic so slow… i want to eat my ice cream! LOL!

  2. biopolymath

    what a feast!

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