Flying to HK

Seems like everyone wants to go to Hongkong! Now let’s take on a flight and fly there together gether! (along with my 2 aunts, cousin and me mom)

Wah my face damn round…. like JCO donut. lol

we were then allowed to board the plane… everyone was rushing in… I quickly stopped them and asked my cousin to snap me ahahhahaha

eh? the stewardess like aunty wan? maybe shes a senior or something

the flight took about 3.5hours… so all I could do was… take photos…

oh myself…

take photos….

of the hazy Malaysian skies…

and EAT!

we were given 2 options…. omelette with sausage.. or chicken pasta…

I…. chose… chicken pasta..

and it tasted like a tasteless pasta… omg… but then i finished it all anyways… cos hungry. lol

at about 1230noon… we arrived at HK airport

where should we go next? Where do YOU wanna go if u were there? Check in to hotel? go sight seeing? or sit in the airport til midnight? ahahhahaa


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