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PART !: My Journey To HongKong Disneyland: Amazing Hotels They Have

This is part 2 of my Disneyland story. In my previous blogpost, I talked about the 2 hotels, Hollywood & Disney. This time around, I shall share about food.

On the day we arrived, we had lunch at this Chinese restaurant in Disneyland Hotel called “Crystal Lotus”.

It was an awesome looking restaurant and they already had a set menu for us. Below were some of the dishes served.

They had this really good service of separating the food into the appropriate portion so everyone gets the same amound. I particularly LOVEEEE the pumpkin puree soup. It’s thick. Mushroom and chicken dices were tangy. Perfect combo.

Their dimsum is worth mentioning too. This is because we could see they a lot of effort was put in to produce a piece of “har kaw” (prawn dumpling) into such beautiful gold fish shape.

Look how amazing dessert was! The chilled mango pudding tasted really great as it was cold. Mango tasted rich. The Steamed bun got the most “awww” cos it was really cute everyone took photos with it instead of putting it into our stomachs.

So if you are wondering where we had our breakfast, we had it at the Enchanted Garden restaurant. (In my previous post, I showed you guys the breakfast place where all Disney characters come and take photos with us rite? Yes there.)

Check out the Mickey waffles and pancakes there!

Of course, since it was a buffet, they have things like sausages, scrambled eggs, soup, amongst others.

For tea, I highly recommend the tea set at Corner Café in Disneyland itself. The café is placed strategically on the main street itself.

Look at the awesome tea set! It has cookies, fruits, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, scones, Danish and more.

For dinner, one could try Chef Mickey in Hollywood hotel for it’s buffet and the chance to take photos with Mickey himself.

If you are looking for a proper restaurant that serves great western and some Asian food, try Walt’s Café in Disneyland Hotel.

The interior looked good and felt very posh.

My mum had this. Seafood Pan for one. All the seafood like salmon, scallop, fish etc were all placed conveniently in saucers.

I had the steak and Mickey ice cream dessert. Great choices. Totally satisfied.

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