Food for Three + My Snapshots Article

Many months back, Howard and Hauyon were both leaving the country. Since we havent met for a long long time, Howard decided to get me and Hauyon out for a dinner.

We ate at one restaurant in PJ.. forgot the name lol… but we had all these yo! Best.

Bye both! lol

Anyways.. my R.age article was published today on The Star newspaper. This time around, I shared tips on how to shoot landscape photos.




  1. TianChad

    Nice sharing for landscape photography. Do you use any filter in the featured photo? Because the cloud details are remained in the photo =)

    smashpOp Replies:

    the featured photo was actually taken using the iPhone. hehe

    TianChad Replies:

    wah your iPhone so canggih. *salute*

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